3 things to consider while creating an empowering organisation culture!

Shaping company (organisation) culture is one of the most significant things a Business Owner does — consciously or otherwise.

Organisation culture is invisible, yet felt by all — every moment. It takes time to set-in. Once set, normally outlives the leader who has been instrumental in creating it.

Often, it makes or keeps the organisation from reaching its goals.

The good news is that as Business Owners we have the possibility to create a healthy, constructive organisation culture!

3 things to keep in mind while shaping an empowering organisation culture are:

1. Leadership is about inspiring high performance; It’s also about making people feel safe and secure. For eg: adversity is something usual to businesses. A leader remaining composed while facing the storm puts those being led also at ease — where one doesn’t feel threatened or panicky — leading to creation of a safe and secure workplace culture.

2. Often feedback is given to people in an accrued, cumulative way. It’s given (rather the need is felt) only when something significant happens, is done or not done. Alternatively one could encourage a culture of offering feedback more often, in small doses, for ‘lesser significant things’ as well; for, those little things add up to becoming a significant thing. Such a culture also prepares everyone to start giving and accepting feedback and feed-forward.

3. As a leader, one is visible — always. Actions (and inactions) are seen, felt and discussed by people. This means the Leader needs to model the culture that they want to create. For eg: being on-time for meetings oneself consistently, before insisting and telling the team members to do so.

An organisation culture created consciously goes a long way in achieving the purposes of the organisation.



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