6 Leadership Coaching Tips To Improve Business Performance

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Leading the team and business to optimal performance is a continuing challenge to CEOs and Business Leaders — especially in these VUCA times.

The good news is that today we have multiple support systems available to create, build, and enhance our leadership skills that are appropriate to face the respective challenges — including one-on-one leadership coaching with the help of a Business Leadership Coach.

Leadership Coaching helps leaders enhance their leadership presence, and helps them gain clarity to do what’s needed.

6 leadership coaching tips from my experience of working with CEOs and Business Leaders over the last 17+ years are shared here.

Enhancing leadership presence: Being present, and enhancing leadership influence are key to successful leadership — it’s also about building our ability to focus, listen, communicate, influence, and being open, curious and authentic.

Making better choices, better decisions: Leadership is about making choices and decisions — impacting many. Better leadership is about making better choices, taking better decisions.

Working around challenges: Challenges seem to be all around, and real. The equal reality is that one need not take the challenges head-on. Possibilities exist to work around the challenges — thinking around the challenges — to sail around them in a more constructive way.

Discovering blind-spots: As humans, we all have our blind-spots. Discovering them, working on them, enhances our performance, helps unleash our true potential.

Simplifying: When we simplify things get done. Complexity seems natural (!) and it takes conscious efforts to simplify. When we simplify, things get clearer to us, and to the teams.

Focusing, managing distractions: Focusing on things to do (as well as things not to do!) is key to enhancing our leadership presence. When we say focusing, it’s also building our ability to manage distractions.

CEO Coaching, Leadership coaching helps CEOs, business leaders to explore and build upon these key leadership aspects that are relevant to them, and enhance their leadership presence, improving their business performance.

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PK helps CEOs, Business Owners Scale-up their Business, Enhance their Leadership Presence and Position their Business for Long-term Success. www.pknarayanan.com

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