Creating and Keeping Business Fitness: a Key Enabler for Scaling-up!

Scaling-up business is a dream of every Business Owner, Entrepreneur. Yet, only 4% Businesses scale-up successfully.

Keeping ‘Business Fitness’ is one of the key enablers for Scaling-up successfully. This would mean creating and maintaining People Fitness, Functional Fitness, and avoiding Fat in the belly!

How do we keep Business Fitness?

1. People Fitness: Having Right People at Right Roles — on a continuous basis. This would involve managing current and future role requirements pro-actively, and inspiring, nurturing, developing and managing the talent in a conscious way.

2. Functional fitness: Making sure that key functions in the Business are fit-enough to meet and carry-out Scaling objectives.

For example, the Marketing function is fit-enough in terms of its capabilities, processes, and resources to execute the strategies; The Operations function is fit-enough in terms of its competencies, processes, ability to manage volume, quality, costs, defects etc.

Functional Fitness facilitates cohesive, efficient, optimum business performance.

3. Avoiding fat in the belly: Avoiding accumulation of fat in wrong places.

Often, alongside the Scale-up leading to increased volumes everywhere, a tendency to accumulate fat (redundancies, inefficiencies, wastage, duplication) also happens; usually in all wrong places! It’s important therefore that the business keeps constant vigil to avoid them, and maintain agility, efficiency and effectiveness in its business operations.

Creating and keeping ‘Business Fitness’ is thus a key enabler for successful Scale-up.

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