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Best outcomes happen when we put our ‘best versions’ to work, when we strive to be our ‘best versions’ while making the attempt, through the process.

A leader’s priority therefore is to get the ‘best version’ of every team member, every day.

How do we get there?

One way is to ‘be the best version’ of one-self. That way, one could significantly increase the chances of getting ‘the best versions’ of team members, people around.

Another is to be an ‘inspired being’ one-self — about the purpose (of the business), the goals that we set for ourselves, the journey that we’ve embarked upon. That way we increase our odds of inspiring team members, people around.

As a team member too, (even as a piece of life!), our priority needs to ‘be our best versions’; That way we enhance chances of generating outcomes that are best possible for ourselves!

Am I my best version today?

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