Direction matters more than speed!

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‘Direction is so much more important than speed’ said Richard Evans.

I Agree.

Speed matters. Alongside speed, we also need to be watchful of the direction, which is easier to lose sight of. Speed thrills. Speed means a lot of activity. A lot of engagement. We may even mistake the increased levels of activity for achievement!

In fact, it does harm if we’re fast and we’re headed the wrong way.

If we are on a wrong road, added speed means it would take us farther out of our way. Farther off from our destination. The faster we travel on a wrong road, the farther we travel in the wrong direction, farther away from our destination.

It’s more important to reach our destination. It’s more important to be headed the right way, the surest way to get where we want to go. Even if it’s a bit late.

How do we do that?

The first step is to set the destination, setting the direction, setting the compass. This is the key.

Laying down the road-map to reach the destination is the second step. Many aspects may need to be considered while doing this, including setting our value co-ordinates.

The third step is to make sure we stay on course. Staying on course may be challenging, yet very important. Even if we need to take short detours, we need to be mindful to come back on-to our course.

Alongside all these steps, the speed happens.

What could possibly help us keep the direction?

Our conviction about the chosen path, commitment to the chosen course, persistence, resilience, grit, our value co-ordinates; though, at times some of these may even appear to seemingly affecting the speed adversely. Doesn’t matter — The key point is to travel in the right direction. Even if it’s a bit late.

Speed matters. Direction matters even more...

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