How do I enhance my ability to focus?

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Keeping focus is becoming increasingly challenging.

We know our ability to focus on a goal or a task until it’s complete is critical for attaining success. Focusing on one thing at a time is celebrated as a virtue that’s integral for achieving extra-ordinary outcomes.

In a world that is overflowing with distractions and notifications vying for our attention, how do we remain focused?

At one level, Focus is about managing distractions.

As Steve Jobs once said, it’s not saying ‘Yes’ to one thing, it’s saying ‘No’ to hundred other things.

We might be seeing possibilities, opportunities and shiny objects floating around us all the time — in different types, shapes and sizes. Many of them might look tempting to go for. Saying yes to them may make us incredibly busy. Whether it would translate in to successful outcomes is the question.

If you want to persevere you need to pursue only the opportunities that move you the most, and say no to the rest. It’s difficult, but the results are worth it — Said Steve Jobs on another occasion.

Focus — It’s about managing distractions. To enhance our ability to focus, we need to enhance our ability to manage our distractions.

When I manage my distractions, am able to focus better!

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