How do I fasten my decision making process?

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As a leader, one needs to take decisions, make choices, frequently, on a variety of things. Having the relevant, required information is a key pre-requisite while doing that.

The pertinent question is, how much of it? How long one wait to gather all the information that’s felt needed?

‘Most decisions should probably be made with somewhere around 70 percent of the information you wish you had. If you wait for 90 percent, in most cases, you’re probably being slow’ — said Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Taking decisions with around 70% of the information that you wish you had -an ‘accelerated decision making’ framework — is about fast-pacing the decision making process. At the same time it’s not taking decisions in haste.

Decision making is a significant aspect of leadership. A well thought-out accelerated decision making framework can help fasten our decision making process. When practiced, could lead to significant positive outcomes for the business.

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