How do we deal with criticisms?

Anything you do will attract criticism — Anonymous.

To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing — Aristotle.

We don’t build monuments to trolls — Tim Cook.

Anything we do, critics, trolls and naysayers seem to appear from nowhere!

So be it. Successful people focus on making a positive impact, doing some credible stuff — than letting trolls and naysayers impact them.

Does it mean we turn a blind-eye to critics? Not really.

As per researchers, we are four times more likely to remember criticism than praise; And it takes five positive events to neutralize psychological impact of one negative event!

So it’s in our choices. We need to choose what to ignore and what to consider, as at times critics may point out blind-spots that exist; and remember (as Tim Cook points out) no one admires, appreciates or builds monuments for the trolls.

Another choice to make is whether I should be a critic, troll or a naysayer to others.

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