In a Scaling-up business, how do we keep up competencies?

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Scaling up businesses, as they grow, find it challenging to keep up with acquiring necessary levels of competencies at different roles.

Competencies that were enough for a role at a particular time may soon fall short, as the business moves to the next level.

How do we address this and find a solution that works?

A 4-step process may provide us with the answer.

Competencies that are critical for current roles at current levels of business are important. Having them in place is the first step.

The second step is to find which are the competencies that are going to be most critical as the business moves to the next level. This may have to be explored for different roles within the business.

The third step is to get people in respective roles know which are those competencies and skills that need to be added in their roles as we move forward.

Fourth step is to encourage them and making sure the team is acquiring those skills and competencies well within time, as the business moves to the next level.

The whole process would have to be supported with hiring external talent where needed to fill the gaps that may exist / arise.

It’s essential for a scaling-up business to keep its competencies under constant check.

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