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As leaders we have different ways of looking at people when it comes to their roles and responsibilities — One way is to look at them based on what they’ve done so far. Another is to look at them based on what they’re capable of. These two could be different — at times, vastly different.

The latter approach has helped me immensely over the years — even today it continues yielding highly positive outcomes!

When we are looking at people and their roles, what one has done so far is relatively easier to see, feel and figure out. A vast majority of decisions therefore are made on that basis. One can’t really find an issue with that approach though, as the leader weighs the risks, and knows that he / she is responsible for the decisions that they take.

Yet, from what I’ve seen and experienced, I need to share that when we enhance the frame of reference slightly wider, look at people more from what they’re capable of (doing), the spectrum of possibilities enlarge significantly! It opens up new avenues and possibilities.

One may consider this to be an experiment — possibly it is; but, with high degree of success stacked in its favour!

Expanding it further, this needn’t be limited to people who’re internal — it could even be extended to people who’re external to the business. It works wonders.

Looking at people based on what they’re capable of, than what they’ve done so far — It’s a possibility that as a leader we could leverage!

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