The Way We Look At Things Offers Immense Possibilities!

PC: Sourav Mishra from Pexels

The way we look at things influences our perception — hence our approach, attitude, our decisions, actions.

How we look at things therefore assumes greater significance — in our business, in our lives. Often it functions as the keyhole for finding appropriate solutions.

What’s the role of the ‘brake’ in a car? Whenever I’ve asked this question to people, I’ve obtained answers such as ‘it helps us slow down’, ‘it helps us to stop’, ‘it helps us avoid accidents’, and so on. These answers are true.

But when we look at it as ‘brake helps us go fast’, ‘we are able to speed up (only) because we have the brake’, it opens up a whole new dimension, perspective, while looking at the brake! And a whole new energy and different set of possibilities with it.

We have the ability to perceive, look at the things the way we want to!

Certain tweaks here and there could be quite empowering, could impact the outcomes significantly, could open up a whole new set of possibilities!

Let’s harness it!

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