Thinking around the challenges — How do I practice?

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Often we get troubled by the complexity of challenges we face; overwhelmed by the enormity, the size. Making us dumb-founded, shocked and feeling stuck; virtually making us incapable of taking any meaningful action.

Is there a practical way of handling challenges? Is there a constructive way of managing them?

River Ganga (Ganges) originates at the upper reaches of Himalayas at Gomukh — beyond Gangotri. What it sees all around is just tall mountains and tons of snow. Seemingly a challenging environment for flowing waters.

What it does there is to find ways around the mountains. It doesn’t stay overwhelmed by the tall peaks and formidable mountains; neither it goes head-on to pulverize them. nor remains a high altitude lake. It just finds the ways around the challenges. Navigates its way around the peaks and ranges, reaching the plains, and then the sea, the destination. In the process becomes a source of life to countless flora, fauna and 500+ million people, bringing prosperity to all!

Does it hold some lessons for us?

Possibly yes — that we don’t necessarily need to face the challenges head-on. We can work our way around!

We can think around the challenges (than about them). We can work around the challenges (than on them).

Shifting our focus from ‘challenges’ to ‘finding solutions’; finding ways and means around the challenges, paves the way for a constructive way of managing them.

The good news is that we can consciously practice this — ie. thinking around the challenges, working around the challenges.

When we do that, our focus, energy, and efforts shift to a constructive space, resulting in outcomes that are more meaningful. For all.

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