Top 5 reasons why businesses don’t scale-up

PK Narayanan, CEO Coach
1 min readJan 27, 2021


Only 4% businesses scale-up successfully. The rest either survive or perish.

Why is it so? Why the percentage is in lower single digits?

The reasons are many. The good news though, is that we have ample potential to improve that number!

The Top 5 reasons why businesses don’t scale-up are as follows:

1. Lack of focus — Lack of clear positioning, lack of alignment of internal resources to business purpose / goals

2. Not being dynamic — Too fixed, rigid; not being open, flexible, agile

3. Lack of preparation — on multiple areas, functions

4. Fear-based approach — lack of growth-based thinking; dis-empowering, self-defeating thought processes

5. Execution blues — lacking excellence in execution

Scale-up is a possibility — for any business.

It’s about building a sound business scale-up strategy, and then, executing it.

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PK Narayanan, CEO Coach

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