What we focus on expands…

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What we focus on, expands…

Whatever we focus on, expands. Therefore it’s important what we focus on.

For example if we focus on challenges, they seem expanding. If we focus on solutions, solutions keep emerging!

If we focus on day-to-day aspects of business, they keep expanding to fill our days. If we focus on short-term aspects of business, they keep getting addressed. When we focus on long-term aspects of business, they get strategised, planned and executed!

As a leader, what should I focus on?

There may not exist a single-answer-fits-all for this question. For all times. Yet, the awareness that ‘what we focus on, expands’ could lead us to focus on the right areas, based on our priorities from time to time.

In a way our priorities drive our focus. And focus drives the outcomes we get. In that sense it’s important to get our priorities right!

What we focus on, expands… This awareness can work wonders; holds the potential to bring significant, phenomenal, exceptional outcomes for ourselves.

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