What would move us from our comfort zone?

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Comfort zones make it difficult for one to forego the (false) sense of safety -though we know extra-ordinary things happen outside our comfort zones.

A ship in the harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for — said John A. Shedd.

What would move us from our comfort zone?

Sometimes external forces do that — where we get pushed out of comfort zone by (external) circumstances. Many success stories, extra-ordinary things have evolved out of such situations.

Alternatively, we could choose to play outside our comfort zone on our own, going beyond logical and rational limits; gathering strong emotional urge, wanting to do it surpassing, over-powering the fear of failure; moving beyond the logical limits and boundaries that we put on ourselves.

That’s where extra-ordinary things happen. That’s where we get to live our true potential.

Am I living my potential? Or am I stuck in my comfort zone?

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