Where to play? Insights from a Scale-up Coach

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Research shows only 4% of the businesses scale-up successfully. There’s a reason why they do — they activate the Scale-up Enablers in their businesses!

One of them is choosing ‘Where to play’. Choosing where to play, or Positioning, is one of the key enablers for a successful scale-up.

Leaders need to be strategic here. As a Business Owner one may seem to have a choice to play anywhere. Scale-up Leadership is about making that choice. Consciously. With care.

A Business has two sides — What we are and what we do, on one side; What ‘others’ see us as, on the other. When the business makes a conscious choice of ‘Where to play’, what ‘others’ see transforms itself into what ‘Prospects’ see.

This is magical. This opens-up tremendous possibilities for scale-up.

It’s well known that when we position our business to be appealing to everyone, it appeals to no one. Choosing ‘Where to play’ is about positioning our business attractive to a particular customer segment, appealing to a specific customer profile — in terms of price point, ticket size, market segment, geography; making the business visible to them, attractive for them. A Scale-up Business Coach could help Business leaders here.

A business that has made a strategic choice of ‘where to play’ becomes appealing to ‘Prospects’ — It facilitates and fuels the ‘pull’ from the prospects. Along with the out-bound push (from the business), it propels a successful Scale-up. When we consciously choose to play in a particular area, servicing a particular customer segment, our business becomes relevant for them. And remains relevant for them.

Choosing ‘where to play’ is an integral part of Scale-up Leadership. While making that choice, Leaders wanting to scale-up their businesses could benefit immensely from working with a Scale-up Business Coach.

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