Why choosing ‘where to play’ is important in Scaling-up?

PC: pexels

Every business has two sides - ‘what’s inside’ and ‘what others see’.

When we move ‘what others see’ to ‘what prospects see’, magic happens; it paves the way for Scaling-up!

That’s choosing ‘where to play’.

When you set up your business to appeal to everyone, it ends up appealing to no one, says Laurel Staples.

That’s true. That’s the work of moving from ‘what others see’, to ‘what prospects see’.

That’s choosing ‘where to play’ - in terms of price point, ticket size, market segment, geography…

That’s choosing our play arena - narrowing down the market, the population that we intend to serve; so that we serve better, we serve more.

‘Prospects’ start seeing us; the ‘pull’ happens, alongside the push.

Scale-up is a possibility for every business - and it starts with choosing ‘where to play’!



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