Leaders make choices, take decisions. And quality of those decisions determine the future of business, its people.

Decision making is never easy — lack of clarity, changing conditions and a host of things make decision making process quite a complex affair.

How to improve quality of our decisions?

Executive Presence Coaching helps.

One of the key elements of Executive Presence is to keep calm and make decisions even in the face of adversities. ‘How you think’ becomes more important than ‘what you think’ in such circumstances.

Executive Presence Coaching helps Leaders polish and enhance their ‘how you think’ aspect. ‘How…

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Research shows only 4% of the businesses scale-up successfully. There’s a reason why they do — they activate the Scale-up Enablers in their businesses!

One of them is choosing ‘Where to play’. Choosing where to play, or Positioning, is one of the key enablers for a successful scale-up.

Leaders need to be strategic here. As a Business Owner one may seem to have a choice to play anywhere. Scale-up Leadership is about making that choice. Consciously. With care.

A Business has two sides — What we are and what we do, on one side; What ‘others’ see us as, on…

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In our business, does every team member know what’s expected of them? Is their role clear to them?

Not knowing what’s expected causes hesitation, higher levels of stress, anxiety, and unhappiness to the team members. For the business, it causes uncertainty, significant under-utilisation of resources, and below-par performance.

Globally (only) one in two employees know what is expected of them at work, says a recent report from Gallup. That means half of the employees worldwide are unsure about their roles.

Even worse, the authors note, those employees are stressed and anxious — even losing their sleep — because they don’t…

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The way we look at things influences our perception — hence our approach, attitude, our decisions, actions.

How we look at things therefore assumes greater significance — in our business, in our lives. Often it functions as the keyhole for finding appropriate solutions.

What’s the role of the ‘brake’ in a car? Whenever I’ve asked this question to people, I’ve obtained answers such as ‘it helps us slow down’, ‘it helps us to stop’, ‘it helps us avoid accidents’, and so on. These answers are true.

But when we look at it as ‘brake helps us go fast’, ‘we are…

Shaping company (organisation) culture is one of the most significant things a Business Owner does — consciously or otherwise.

Organisation culture is invisible, yet felt by all — every moment. It takes time to set-in. Once set, normally outlives the leader who has been instrumental in creating it.

Often, it makes or keeps the organisation from reaching its goals.

The good news is that as Business Owners we have the possibility to create a healthy, constructive organisation culture!

3 things to keep in mind while shaping an empowering organisation culture are:

1. Leadership is about inspiring high performance; It’s also…

Scaling-up business is a dream of every Business Owner, Entrepreneur. Yet, only 4% Businesses scale-up successfully.

Keeping ‘Business Fitness’ is one of the key enablers for Scaling-up successfully. This would mean creating and maintaining People Fitness, Functional Fitness, and avoiding Fat in the belly!

How do we keep Business Fitness?

1. People Fitness: Having Right People at Right Roles — on a continuous basis. This would involve managing current and future role requirements pro-actively, and inspiring, nurturing, developing and managing the talent in a conscious way.

2. Functional fitness: Making sure that key functions in the Business are fit-enough to…

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We have heard ‘failure is the stepping stone to success’ — Is it so? All the time?

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos points out that failures are broadly of two kinds — therefore to be dealt with differently.

1. Experimental failure — ‘When we are developing a new product or service or experimenting in some way, and it doesn’t work, that’s okay - that’s the kind of failure you should be happy with’, Bezos says. ‘These are the big, bold bets that move the needle’.

With the learning, it could become the stepping stone for success.

2. Operational failure — ‘We’ve built…

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Every business has two sides - ‘what’s inside’ and ‘what others see’.

When we move ‘what others see’ to ‘what prospects see’, magic happens; it paves the way for Scaling-up!

That’s choosing ‘where to play’.

When you set up your business to appeal to everyone, it ends up appealing to no one, says Laurel Staples.

That’s true. That’s the work of moving from ‘what others see’, to ‘what prospects see’.

That’s choosing ‘where to play’ - in terms of price point, ticket size, market segment, geography…

That’s choosing our play arena - narrowing down the market, the population that we intend to serve; so that we serve better, we serve more.

‘Prospects’ start seeing us; the ‘pull’ happens, alongside the push.

Scale-up is a possibility for every business - and it starts with choosing ‘where to play’!

Only 4% businesses scale-up successfully. The rest either survive or perish.

Why is it so? Why the percentage is in lower single digits?

The reasons are many. The good news though, is that we have ample potential to improve that number!

The Top 5 reasons why businesses don’t scale-up are as follows:

1. Lack of focus — Lack of clear positioning, lack of alignment of internal resources to business purpose / goals

2. Not being dynamic — Too fixed, rigid; not being open, flexible, agile

3. Lack of preparation — on multiple areas, functions

4. Fear-based approach — lack of growth-based thinking; dis-empowering, self-defeating thought processes

5. Execution blues — lacking excellence in execution

Scale-up is a possibility — for any business.

It’s about building a sound business scale-up strategy, and then, executing it.

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What we focus on expands. Therefore it makes sense to focus on what we want more of (than what we want less of).

Touted as one of the corner stones of laws of attraction, this universal law plays up significantly in our daily life — In our business, profession, people, relationships…

‘Don’t look at the wall, your car goes where your eyes go’ — said race car legend Mario Andretti as the key to winning races without crashing.

‘When I get to the middle I look for the gaps, not the fielders’ — said famous cricketer Ricky Ponting.

As a leader it’s essential that we stay focused on the right areas, for what we focus on expands.

#ceo #leadership #scaleup

PK Narayanan, CEO Coach

PK helps CEOs, Business Owners Scale-up their Business, Enhance their Leadership Presence, Position their Business for Long-term Success https://pknarayanan.com

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